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If you haven't read it, here's the update from last month:

The state of The Red Guild #4
Update on what’s been happening at The Red Guild. Including security work, educational content and more!
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Today's update is a short one. It features:

  • Our latest articles and videos.
  • Live panels where we participated.
  • How we're getting ready for Ethereum Argentina.

Security work

Last moth we didn’t participate in public security contests / bug bounties nor ran security spotchecks.

Our priority continued to be pushing our IRL and online presence, so as to spread our message and strengthen our positioning.

Instead of security stuff, we focused on ops and administration of the guild, networking, participation in events, work on tooling, researching funding alternatives, and crafting educational content.

Latest content

ETHPlicando by ETHKipu

We delivered a live 1-hour-long talk at the ETHPlicando series hosted by the ETHKipu community.

We did a deep-dive into the Euler Finance hack, explaining step-by-step the vulnerability and the attack vector used to steal millions of dollars from the smart contracts.

Btw, the video is in spanish. We'll be uploading the same content, but in english, to our YouTube channel during this week.

What does a project need to stay secure?

We participated in a live, public security panel organized by the one and only Patrick Collins. Huge topic: “What does a project need to stay secure?”.

Definitely an interesting discussion! We thank Patrick for organizing it, and the folks from Trail of Bits, Trust Security and Immunefi for joining and sharing their views with us.

Talk at ETHBarcelona

Our talk at ETHBarcelona is finally live in YouTube!

The tweet says it all, go watch it.


GEERS: Blockchain edition

We keep making progress to make GEERS happen. This is a LATAM conference we are co-organizing. The first event is in August 26th.

Agenda and more details in the website:

GEERS: Blockchain
Descubre cómo Blockchain está transformando el mundo en el que vivimos.

Ethereum Argentina

Dates and times confirmed for our participation in Ethereum Argentina.

  • Our talk on "Security research for the common good" is scheduled for Friday at 3.30 PM, main stage.
  • Our workshop on "First steps in smart contract security with Foundry" is scheduled for Saturday at 4 PM. Have your laptops ready, because it's gonna be 100% hands-on!


Ethereum Foundation

All things come to an end, and our grant with the Ethereum Foundation couldn't be the exception.

For the past six months the Ethereum Foundation supported the guild to become what it is today. We probably wouldn't be here without them, and we're thankful for having them join us in our journey thus far.

We'll likely be releasing some cool content sharing our whole experience. Including lots of insights and learnings from the past six months, as we were laying the foundations for The Red Guild.

It's too soon to tell what's next for us in terms of similar supporting grants. Once we ship everything we're cooking for August, we'll gather our team and decide how we want to continue.


We'll be applying to the upcoming Gitcoin grants Round 18, in the category Web3 Community & Education. This time the round happens in Optimism's L2. Which should mean lower fees for everyone 🙏🙏🙏

We'll let you know as soon as the round starts.

What's next?

Ethereum Argentina. Big time. We're delivering a talk and a long hands-on workshop on smart contract security. We'll also participate as mentors in the buildaton. Who knows, there might even be some surprises from The Red Guild. It'll be fun.

Also GEERS: Blockchain edition. Beautiful web3 event in Tandil, Argentina. Make sure to check out the agenda and sign up.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel too! We're soon publishing a new set of educational videos on recent smart contract vulnerabilities.

Until the next update!