Whaaaaat? Celebrating Valentine's day? Naah that's for normal people.

Today we celebrate the public debut of the Security Alliance (SEAL) 🚀

SEAL is a collaborative effort of the cybersecurity community towards making the crypto ecosystem a safer place. It's been working behind the scenes for some time already, spearheading some well-known initiatives like the SEAL 911 (an emergency help desk with top security pros to assist you) and SEAL Drills (for attack simulation training).

On this Valentine's day, the Alliance takes the stage and presents itself to the community. To do what?

SEAL aims to provide the much needed leadership, organization structure and social coordination to kickstart and ship impactful projects that will make crypto more secure across the board. That's why is made up of some of the smartest people of the cybersec community.

And well, also us at The Red Guild 🪷

Ever since The Red Guild's inception, we've been spreading the word of having a shared sense of responsibility for the well-being of this ecosystem. We're convinced that security is fundamental for its long-term success, and we're committed to continue delivering products and services for the public benefit.

As members of SEAL, we found mind-alike people that share this commitment, work ethic and pragmatism to make crypto a safer technology for everyone involved.

Talking about making things safer...

Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement

With its launch, today SEAL is also announcing the Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement.

Essentially, a legal policy and technical framework to grant advanced permission to
ethical hackers and MEV bots to intervene in public security incidents. Abiding to all clauses of the agreement, they may frontrun exploits, so long as funds are returned to a designated location, and an attack is ongoing.

With the Whitehat Safe Harbor Agreement, the Alliance is introducing a novel framework to help mitigate some of the risks assumed by well-intended whitehats and bots in emergency scenarios. It won't be a silver-bullet, but for sure is a step forward in the right direction. Although, the agreement isn't final yet.

So make sure to read it and contribute to the published proposal of the Safe Harbor Agreement here:


In the meantime, let's continue walking our path of doing security research, education and advocacy for the public benefit of the crypto ecosystem. Today, we celebrate having found frens to walk with along the way.

Now go follow @_SEAL_Org and checkout their website for more info.