We are hackers who believe in Ethereum as a technology to build more fair, open and transparent social coordination mechanisms.

To foster its adoption, we must protect the applications built on top of it. We must increase the resiliency of Ethereum's application layer.

That's the mission of The Red Guild. An autonomous guild of security researchers, educators and advocates dedicated to protect web3 applications in the Ethereum ecosystem.

In the guild, we all share a sense of responsibility towards the well-being of those who contribute to Ethereum's long-term game. We use our curiosity and purpose as the fuel to help keep them safe.

We envision transforming security research and advocacy into a public good initiative in favor of the Ethereum ecosystem. A complement to the private profit-driven efforts of others in the space.

We have two main focus areas: (1) application security research and (2) education and awareness. In practice, this means:

  • Public and private responsible disclosures of security vulnerabilities, bugs, issues and other weaknesses.
  • Raising user awareness on security risks and considerations when interacting with applications.
  • Providing technical advisory on security matters.
  • Sharing lessons learned in educational material (videos, articles, threads, talks, panels, workshops). As well as in wargames like Damn Vulnerable DeFi.
  • Contributing to and supporting open-source smart contract security tooling.
  • Participating in local communities and mentoring beginners.

We like our work to speak for itself. Some of you are aware that we've been doing this for some time already, oftentimes behind the scenes. Though every now and then we like saying a few things.

So just in case, you may want to subscribe to this blog, and follow some of our members.

Oh, and if you want an audit, ask at no-reply@theredguild.org. Our world-class team of sales professionals will soon get back to you.

For an extended version of The Red Guild's vision, ethos and activities, don't miss "The truth of The Red Guild".

The truth of The Red Guild
The true lore of The Red Guild, and why it matters for Ethereum.